System Design with 1000V 3-phase string inverters

Much has changed in the solar PV industry in the past five years.  Solar panel efficiency has grown incredibly while prices have dropped so much that incentives are hardly needed to make solar projects financially viable.  New solar mounting technology allows for automatic grounding from the solar panel, with universal clamps and advanced ballasted and … Read more

Solar Power Adds A Premium To A Home's Resale Value by Nora Caley from Solar Industry Magazine

Residential real estate professionals know that amenities such as a renovated kitchen or a new bathroom can increase the resale value of a home. New research from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory indicates that a rooftop photovoltaic system can also increase the house’s price, and researchers were able to quantify how much of a premium … Read more

PNM RECs – Fading Fast

There are many benefits associated with generating electricity from rooftop solar. There is the warm and fuzzy feeling associated with the knowledge that electricity is being generated by renewable sunlight and not fossil fuel. There is also the benefit of financial savings, knowing that once the system is paid for completely, that no longer will … Read more

Affordable Solar Smart House

Changes are coming to the grid, slowly, but surely. Here in the United States, some utilities perceive increasing threats to revenue as well as technical and operational challenges as more homeowners install solar and other sources of renewable energy as their primary source of electricity. Since an electric grid works best when there is a … Read more