Marketing Manager

Job Title

Marketing Manager

Supervisor Title

General Manager



Residential & Commercial

Position:         Affordable Solar Marketing Manager

Supervisor:    General Manager

Classification: Full-time, exempt

 Our Company:

Affordable Solar is a passionate, high-paced company and the largest local solar contractor in the state. Having humble beginnings, we were derived in the South Valley over 20 years ago and now surpass 100 employees. Our mission is to help New Mexico be a leader in the renewable energy industry by designing and constructing solar assets from many megawatts for our utility customers to serving our neighbors and local New Mexicans with residential solar systems all while continuing to impact our local economy by providing high quality jobs to our community.


Summary Description:

The Marketing Manager is responsible for implementing the marketing efforts of the Affordable Solar brand, both in the local light commercial / residential installation market and Utility division by coordinating the development and implementation of a strategic marketing plans within budget including news articles, public relations, ground breaking events, and press releases, etc.  This manager will oversee day-to-day internal resources as well as outside vendors (as necessary) to execute the strategic marketing plan as well as take advantage of short-term opportunities.  Overall should be guided by a long-term drive to increase market share, reinforce Affordable branding among identified target customers, while using resources judiciously to ensure costs are always justified by impact on the long-term strategy as well as near term sales goals.   Success is defined by finding the most efficient balance between these interests.


Key Accountabilities:

Marketing Strategy & Job Responsibilities

  • Lead strategic marketing decisions and discussions
  • Develop customer facing communications
  • Develop public relations assets
  • Coordinate marketing efforts with management, vendors and sales team(s)
  • Quantify marketing results with historical and industry trend data comparisons
  • Increasing year-over-year lead volume and quality as measured by:
    • Quantity of geographically qualified leads
    • Company conversion ratios (of leads who see presentations), recognizing that this is also a function of sales effectiveness which cannot be directly impacted by marketing manager
    • Improving the quality of lead tracking with a focus on determining the return on investment for different types of investments provide
    • Constantly seek, present, plan, and execute new ways to market our services with a focus on decreasing the cost of customer acquisition on a per-sale basis
  • Managing social media content
  • Helping create email content for drip marketing campaigns
  • Assisting in administration and coordination of current marketing campaigns
  • Helping to prepare and set up for presentation and run local events.
  • Perform market analysis and research on competition
  • Support the sales team in daily marketing administrative tasks
  • Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
  • Plan and execute ground breaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies
  • Write or coordinate content writing for company blog and press releases
  • Support public relations efforts

Requirements (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

  • Proficient with computers, social media platforms
  • Must be a problem solver, self-motivated and competitive
  • Must have a passion for renewable energy
  • Able to perform well in a high energy, chaotic environment
  • Willingness to be coachable
  • Excellent communication skills

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