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Supervisor Title

Director of Construction


Based on experience



Position: Superintendent
Supervisor: Director of Construction
Classification: Full-time, salary, exempt

Summary Description:
The Superintendent is responsible for assisting, planning and preparation for multiple utility projects. This position will assist with coordinating day to day operations and lead electricians and electrician helpers.

Electrical Superintendent Job Responsibilities:

• Plan, organize, and direct the work of electrician employees on a daily basis
• Examining plans and potential sites, as well as developing a plan to install all electrical wiring and equipment installation needs
• Supervise workers and field personnel in implementing the electrical plan
• Ensure all safety measures and regulations are followed, as accident prevention and worker safety are high priorities in this potentially dangerous environment.
• Monitor work progress and coordinate with the site superintendents, Director of Construction and Safety to deliver progress reports
• General project planning prior to project commencement
• Manage project supplies so that products arrive on time and are purchased at lowest possible cost
• Manage site preparation and cleanup

• Hold mandatory training sessions on installation methodology and safety
• Apply knowledge of National Electrical Code
• Train conduit and wiring runs
• Teach homeruns, wiring combiner box
• Teach tool management standards

Requirements (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities):
• Must have a minimum of four (4) years’ of relevant experience
• Working knowledge of construction, electrical work, systems, and troubleshooting
• Able to do equipment layout and read architectural plans/blueprints
• Understanding of residential and commercial circuitry
• Advanced pipe bending skills (at least ½ inch through 1-inch EMT)
• Strong working knowledge of National Electrical Codes
• Proficient in the use of all tools and equipment related to commercial electrical work
• Strong communication and organization skills
• Must possess the skills to communicate job requirements and safety standards to the job crew, as well as possess a proven ability to motivate small or large groups of individuals
• Ability to transport materials and equipment to complete assigned job tasks (up to 50 pounds frequently and up to 100 pounds with assistance)

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