Electric Vehicle Chargers & Solar Panels


Electric Vehicle Chargers & Solar Panels

Are you contributing to saving the planet by driving an electric vehicle (EV)?

If so, you are probably facing the same challenge as many EV owners: where to charge your vehicle.

Most EV owners must charge their vehicles by plugging them into the power grid. However, many power grids generate electricity by burning fossil fuels. If you’re driving zero-emission vehicles that need a high-emission power source to charge, how have you reduced your carbon footprint?

Fortunately, Tesla and ChargePoint now offer fast and eco-friendly electric vehicle chargers.

Tesla’s Powerwall

Instead of relying on electricity from a power grid to recharge your EV, you can now use solar electricity, which is possible thanks to Tesla’s Powerwall, a home battery system that stores solar energy to recharge your EV at your convenience.

Aside from being a clean source of energy, Powerwall is more cost-effective than plugging your EV into a power grid.


The average 2018 Tesla consumes about 30 kWh per 100 miles. Depending on the state you live, the daily recharging cost via a power grid could be high, but with solar electricity, you could recharge your car for free every day.

That’s because solar electricity is a gift that keeps on giving throughout its 25-year or more lifespan. After paying for the initial solar panel installation, you own the solar system outright, and will no longer need to pay monthly power bills.

Also, since the Powerwall system recharges during the day, you can plug in your EV at night and have it fully charged by the morning.

What about recharging while away from home?

Tesla has charging stations spread across the US, including solar-powered options. If you identify the charging stations on your route, you can enter any at your convenience to recharge your vehicle. And with the Tesla Supercharger –  fast car charging technology – you can quickly refuel your car by 50% in 20 minutes!

 Although Tesla is the most popular EV brand, it’s not your only option for recharging your vehicle.


ChargePoint is a great solar power alternative to recharge your EV and keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. It’s a popular choice among EV owners who aren’t driving a Tesla, but Tesla drivers can also recharge at ChargePoint stations without issues.

Aside from recharging at a power station, you can even install solar panels and recharge at home with the ChargePoint Home EV charger. This is done with the Vivint Solar system, which provides clean energy to power your home and charge your vehicle.

Alongside the solar power system, we recommend installing ChargePoint’s Level 2 charger at home. It delivers faster charging than the Level 1 charger, which doesn’t fully recharge an EV overnight. But the Level 2 charger does, meaning you will wake up in the morning to a full EV battery to see you through the day.

ChargePoint also offers free charging in specific locations at certain periods.

Benefits of Installing Solar at Home for Your EV

Having solar panels at home is just as convenient as it’s cost-effective, especially if you live in a state with high electricity rates. For instance, New Mexico’s electricity rates stand at around $0.13/kWh, which will cost you between $11 and $15 to charge an empty Tesla battery.

If you drive daily, the recharge cost will amount to about $5,000 each year, but why pay that much when you can pay zero to recharge at home?

The average EV recharge requires about 10 solar panels to generate enough electricity.  Unlike the recurring costs of gasoline or power bills, you only have to pay the initial cost of installing solar panels.

Since a quality solar panel can generate electricity for at least 25 years, you’ll enjoy bill-free power for 25 years or more!

Even better, there are state and federal incentives to reduce the cost of solar installation. The biggest federal incentive reduces the cost of installation by 26%. As for state incentives, New Mexico’s solar tax credit offers 10% off solar installation costs.

Depending on the solar array you install, you can have enough clean electricity to recharge your EV and power your entire home. Contact Affordable Solar to discuss your solar power requirements, and we’ll provide you with a long-lasting solution for all your power.  

We can also assist you with accessing rebates and other state and federal incentives to minimize solar installation costs.

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