It pays to go solar.

(Money back to the bottom line.)

Federal Tax Credit

30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC) directly reduces your tax bill

Accelerated Depreciation

100% bonus depreciation in year one allows your business to recoup the investment sooner

Reduce Overhead Costs

Minimize fluctuating operating costs by taking control of your electricity bill.

Property Value

Increase your property value by investing in energy efficient upgrades

White Sun Slice

We're happy to answer any of your commercial solar questions.

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Affordable Solar puts in the work to deliver the maximum benefit for your company:

Our team will prepare a detailed analysis of your energy consumption.

We model various solar energy systems that are appropriately sized for your needs.

We breakdown the energy savings and tax effects any solar investment.

We manage the process.

Begin seeing electricity savings within 4 weeks of construction.

Let your system pay for itself in 3-5 years.

Save money now. Save money later. Save the planet in the process.