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How Solar Works For You

Solar Panels

New Mexico sunlight provides for all of your energy needs


Converts your solar energy from DC into AC, energy your house can use!

Electric Meter

Runs slower or may even run backward, reducing or eliminating your electric bill

Our App

Monitor performance and usage

You could be creating your own solar energy in 8 weeks!


or fill out a Quickstart form, let us know your family’s electricity needs


Using satellite imagery and your electricity bill, we develop a solar plan for you


Our solar designer creates a custom solar energy system for your home


We manage the permitting and interconnection process for you


We install your solar panels in 1-2 days (really!)


We manage the inspection process


Your power company hits the "On" switch!


Watch your solar work on your phone or computer

Peace of Mind

25 years or more of electricity bill freedom

I am ready to go solar!

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