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Gallup, NM, is one of the best US cities for solar power. 

The area enjoys an average of 279 days of sunshine per year, offering huge potential for solar power.

Residential and commercial solar enables homeowners and businesses alike to take advantage of sizeable utility bill savings and excellent federal, state, and local government renewable energy incentives. Plus, solar energy in New Mexico begins to pay off straight away, giving you an excellent return on your investment.

We have already helped thousands of New Mexicans to lower or eliminate their electric bills with our solar panel Gallup products and services.

Our solar systems come with:

  • 24/7 lifetime monitoring
  • Labor warranties on installation
  • Lifetime enphase microinverter warranties
  • Lifetime solar panel manufacturer warranties

Check out these latest offers to enjoy massive savings on your solar installation.

Reduce Energy Costs with Solar Installation in Gallup

Solar panels reduce energy costs by up to 50%

Utilizing solar panels instead of a utility company can help you to cut your monthly electricity bill by up to 50%. Solar energy is instantly available whenever the sun is shining and can be stored for later use, such as at night or during heavy thunderstorms.

When you install solar in Gallup, the more you use it, the higher the potential savings. The average monthly power usage in New Mexico is approximately 656kWh per month. We will help you to work out how many solar panels you’ll need to offset your power usage so you know what you can expect to save.

Solar is low-maintenance

Once installed, solar panels rarely breakdown and require little to no maintenance. The long-term benefits of solar installation more than makeup for the initial steep installation fee.

We're so confident in the excellence of our solar products that our service contracts contain warranties that guarantee no-cost repairs should an issue arise.

Solar stabilizes month to month energy costs

Utility companies rely on fossil fuels (oil, coal, or natural gas) to power homes and businesses. These raw materials are vulnerable to fluctuating markets, and property owners may notice irregular electricity costs depending on market performance.

However, when you install solar, especially in a sunshine state like New Mexico, you free yourself from worrying about varying monthly electricity costs because solar panels protect you from these fluctuating markets.

Even better, although solar installation requires a steep initial financial investment, this home upgrade will undoubtedly allow you to recoup your investment in next to no time.

Choose Solar Installation to EnjoyTax Benefits

Instantly save on energy costs and build home equity

Install your solar panels with us to save on energy costs while adding value to your home.

Our solar systems last for 25+ years and are low maintenance, offering lifelong value.

We also offer flexible financing, so you can either pay cash upfront for your solar panels or purchase your system over time with our flexible loans, which won’t change your solar owner benefits.

Enjoy Federal and State tax credit benefits

When you install solar on your property, you get to enjoy the 26% renewable energy federal tax credit, an attractive incentive that reduces the entire cost of your system.

For residential and commercial solar, this claim on qualified expenditures applies to all types from systems from solar-electric and hot water systems to fuel cells, geothermal heat pumps, and small wind-energy systems.

If the federal tax credit is more than the tax liability, the extra amount can be carried forward to the following tax year.

You can also benefit from New Mexico’s property tax exemption that exempts all solar installations from gross receipt tax, which further saves you money.

NM State Renewable Energy Tax Credits allow for a 10% personal income tax credit of up to $9,000 for residential, commercial, and agricultural installations of certified photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems. Systems that this could apply to include:

  • Active solar hot air or hot water systems
  • Grid-tied residential PV systems
  • Grid-tied commercial PV systems
  • Off-grid systems

Unfortunately, solar pool or hot tub heater installations are not eligible.

Get in touch today to explore our residential and commercial solar solutions in Gallup to enjoy all these benefits.

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As one of the top-rated solar companies in Gallup, we have the highest-quality solar panels, plenty of expertise, and years of experience to help you enjoy greener, cleaner, and more affordable energy future.

See what others in Gallup are saying about our solar products and services on our reviews page.

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