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Reduce your energy bill in Lordsburg with solar panels - Call Affordable Solar today for installation.

Do you want to save on your power bill in an unstable energy market? Consider solar panel installations. Solar panels offer an efficient, reliable electricity source, and can save you thousands of dollars on your energy bill for years to come.

At Affordable Solar, we have experts in residential solar installations in Lordsburg, NM. We have equipped many homes in Lordsburgand Albuquerque with solar panels to give them the most practical method of saving on their electric bills.

Our experience in commercial solar applications allows us to outfit hotels, factories, and solar farms that stretch for miles with the best source for renewable energy.

We sell and maintain:

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels: With a high-efficiency rating with pure silicon and armed with high power output and durability in extremely high temperatures, these panels have become a popular solution the world over.
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels: These solar panels take a hit in the efficiency department but can reduce the initial investment you’ll be making with faster and cheaper production.
  • Thin-Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels: Triple-layered technology makes them ideal for small, practical solar power setups.
  • Concentrated PV Cells: With unrivaled performance, these panels have curved mirror surfaces, lenses, and cooling systems that help them absorb the maximum amount of sunlight with a solar tracker.

A solar installation is a worthy commitment to your home’s long-term value. Read our customer reviews to see why we’ve become a rising name in New Mexico.

Count On Us for Anything Solar

When you work with us, you don’t just get a long-term solution for your power needs. You work with a company that commits to making a meaningful change in the world by supporting people like you. We’re a homegrown company from New Mexico, and we know Lordsburg’s values, people, and weather conditions like no one else.

We know that going solar requires a significant initial investment. That’s why we’ve created financing solutions unrivaled by solar companies in Lordsburg. You can pay upfront, by installment, or call us for a personalized arrangement that will work for you.

Whether you need servicing, replacement of damaged panels, or complete installation from scratch, you can count on us for all your solar energy needs.

Not Sure if You Need to Go Solar?

We find that the most common barrier that hinders people from going solar is not the high cost at the start, but their preconceived notions of solar energy. The innovations that formed the backbone of the solar industry in the 1980s have become so advanced and reliable that entire countries have made the shift to solar today. Germany has recently sourced over 50% of its energy needs from solar power, and many countries are seeing similar trends.

Solar panels can also combat the rising utility costs in New Mexico. The power stream delivered by solar systems is predictable, lower-priced, and reliable as long as the sun is in the sky. New Mexico has created tax credits and incentives that give back 50% - 60% of your initial investment within the first year of operation, provided you stick to a maintenance plan.

A New Way of Thinking

Beyond providing you with a reliable source of energy, solar panels will help the United States become energy independent. The USimportsmany of its energy resources from other nations, like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Colombia. Property owners who have a solar panel system receive 3% - 4% higher property values, according to The Lab’s 2015 Selling Into the Sun report.

Wise homebuilders and entrepreneurs see solar panels as an investment, not an expense. In a town like Lordsburg, where people bask in 310 days of sunshine a year, solar energy proves itself a long-term investment that will only improve your home’s value. At an elevation of over 5,000 feet, Albuquerque’ssunlight is significantly stronger compared to places like Delaware and other areas closer to sea level.

Don’t let rising energy costs devour your family’s budget or hurt your business’s bottom line. Take advantage of state laws and federal benefits that encourage investment in clean, renewable, and reliable solar energy. Above all, trust a company that has experience in the installation and maintenance of all types of solar panels in the Lordsburg area.

Let us explore your savings options together when you call Affordable Solar at (505) 305-0278 to discuss your energy needs in Lordsburg, NM.


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