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Solar Installation Services in Raton, New Mexico

We make solar installation in Raton, New Mexico, quick and simple! Give us a call to get started.

With Affordable Solar, you are one step closer to a cleaner and cost-effective energy solution in Raton, NM. Our team can design and install your solar system to maximize your property value, reduce or eliminate your energy bills, and help you and your family enjoy 365 days of savings.

We off both residential and commercial services and are dedicated to reducing New Mexico’s reliance on fossil fuels one solar installation at a time. If you want superior service and results, you can count on us. Schedule a consultation today.

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Why Solar Power is Always a Good Investment?

The main reason home and business owners go solar is to lower their monthly electricity costs. With a solar installation, you can generate clean power directly from the sun—and stop paying utility companies for it!

Since you save money by switching to solar, your solar installation is also guaranteed to return your investment in 5 to 15 years, especially with Raton’s ample sunshine and low-cost solar panels. Even better, you can reduce your installation costs by taking advantage of tax credits. There are currently two incentives available in New Mexico:

  • The Federal Solar Tax Credit – The federal solar tax credit is equal to 26% of your solar system installation costs. (For example, if your solar system costs $20,000, your tax credit would be $5,200).
  • The New Solar Market Income Tax Credit – The state also recently reinstated it’s 10% state income tax credit ($6,000 maximum).

Utility rates are on the rise worldwide. The monthly cost-savings solar offers are its the biggest benefit beyond the environmental impact. Our team can also help you reduce your upfront costs, and in turn, your payback period.

With Affordable Solar, you can install an effective commercial or residential solar solution with no down payment.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Raton?

Solar panel and system costs vary. Many different factors will impact the price tag, including the size of the system you want and your roof type and size. In New Mexico, the average cost of solar panels is $2.88 per watt.

Before the federal solar credit, a typical 6kW solar system is going to cost between $11,000 and $17,000.Many home and business owners fully recoup their installation costs within five years!

At Affordable Solar, our team can walk you through all the financial options and plans for your solar system installation. We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied. With custom plans and various payment options, our team is here to show you that going solar doesn’t always mean breaking the bank.

Want to know more about solar panels–and how they can save you thousands of dollars? Visit our blog and read the latest solar news, tips, and articles.

Why Choose Us?

What started as a small business in an Airstream trailer in 1988 is now one of the top solar companies in Raton. We have a passion for clean energy and design, plan, develop, and install custom energy solutions for home and business owners at affordable prices.

There is no project too small or too complex for us to handle. Our vast experience in solar installation allows us to make any home or office energy efficient. Certified, trained, and experienced in solar panel solutions, the Affordable Solar team is committed to bringing you the newest technologies and highest quality services in the Raton area.

We’ll work directly with you to find the most effective solution for your budget and needs. Our team has installed over 2,500 solar systems in New Mexico and supplied more than 20,000 solar panels to residential and commercial customers.

You can trust us in making your property energy efficient. We have the best solar installers in the state on our team, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and PVTS, PVIP, PVDS Certifications. We also support our community via wonderful organizations such as the Animal Humane Society, WESST, and Roadrunner Foodbank.

Make the world a better place - go solar today. The first step is to learn more about this technology and the benefits it offers. Call us at (505) 305-0278 and let the Affordable Solar team take care of your solar panel installation needs in Raton, NM.


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