Solar Panel in Ruidoso

Ruidoso, New Mexico Solar Installation

Take advantage of almost 300 days of sun each year when you call Affordable Solar and install solar panels on your Ruidoso home.

Installing solar panels on your home sounds like an expensive, intimidating process. You may have heard that solar energy is hard to maintain, costly to set up, and an inefficient source of electricity. Before you decide to pass on solar power, understand its benefits on your home or business.

When you work with Affordable Solar, you’ll learn that it’s easy to mount and use solar panels for your home or business. We take care of everything from sizing the system and obtaining work permits to installing the panels and routine care. Your monthly payments will likely be less than you currently pay, too.

Call us today to start the solar installation process for your Ruidoso, NM, property. If you’re not sure that solar is right for you, we have the information you need.

Read our reviews to learn more about the quality of our work and see our commitment to providing an excellent customer experience.

Residential Solar

What if, instead of sending you a bill every month, the power company paid you? With rising electricity costs all across the United States, that may sound too good to be true. With solar power, it’s possible.

When you use solar panels on your home to create electricity, the system sends your unused power back to the grid, so you don’t waste the energy. The power company will reward you with a credit to your account that lets you use their electricity if you don’t produce enough later. You can also opt to have a check mailed to you.

As the movement to “go green” continues to gain momentum, consider the sustainability features of your home. When it comes time to purchase a new home, buyers will look for features that align with their values. Powering your home with solar panels increases the resale value of your property significantly.

Affordable Solar can make your property more appealing with residential solar installation in Ruidoso, NM.

Commercial Solar

As a property investor or business owner, you know that reducing your energy costs means making more money. Investing in solar power allows you to do that with minimal effort.

Our team of NABCEP certified professionals will design and permit your system. Whether you’re powering a small food stand or a manufacturing plant, we can help you create and use renewable energy.

Once you have solar installed, your property values will increase substantially. You’ll see a significant return on your investment when it comes time to sell your property. Why wait? Put yourself on the cutting edge of running an environmentally-friendly business.

Save Money with Solar

Solar panels can seem like an expensive investment. When you see the cost of the panels, batteries, and installation work, it may surprise you. Luckily, there are many options to lower the initial costs and make money after only a few short years of using solar power.

At Affordable Solar, we facilitate financing for your property conversion. We’ll find a lender that will help you to break down the cost of the panels into smaller monthly payments. Often, these payments are less than you’re currently paying for your electric bill.

Once you’ve paid off your solar installation, then the savings become even more noticeable. Each month, you’ll only pay for the electricity that you use from the grid. Most sunny days, that power draw will be zero.

Your installation technician will give you an app and teach you how to work your entire solar setup. With the app, you can check how much power you’re using, the level of electricity the panels generate into the system, and how much money you save or earn. All of the information you’ll need to be a conscious solar energy consumer is at your fingertips.

Other solar companies in Ruidoso, NM, might claim to be the best. However, with over 20 years of service, we have the experience and an expert time that shows our quality of work. To remain successful after that long is not easy, but we’ve repeatedly demonstrated that we’re up for the challenge.

Want to learn more about how solar panels work, the benefits they bring to your home, or how to maintain your panels? Check out our blog to access helpful information as you decide if solar energy is right for you.

The Affordable Solar team can convert your Ruidoso, NM, home to sustainable, cost-effective solar power. Call (505) 944-4220 today to get started.


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