Solar Panel in Santa Rosa

Solar Panel Installation in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

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The cost of electricity in Santa Rosa, NM, is on the rise. If you’re looking for a smart and cost-effective solution, solar panels are the answer.

Solar panels produce clean, renewable energy while minimizing your impact on the environment. Even better, solar panel installation pays for itself within a few years. At Affordable Solar, we’re here to deliver the solar panels you need at a price you love.

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Discover the Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

There are countless reasons to invest in solar panels. Two of the most popular points are the cost-savings and eco-friendly impact. Here are a couple of other reasons solar panels in Santa Rosa are a savvy investment

  • Create jobs
  • Eliminate electric bills
  • Have an outstanding return on investment
  • Improve grid security
  • Minimize electricity loss
  • Promote energy independence
  • Protect against rising fossil fuel costs
  • Provide renewable energy

Many people are wary of the upfront costs of solar panels. A 6kw system will set you back the same amount as a gently used car. However, unlike a car that loses value the moment you buy it, you'll start recouping your investment in solar panel installation as soon as our solar installers perform the final inspection.

Currently, you can also reduce your costs with a 26 percent federal tax credit, but the final cost of your solar panels will depend primarily on the system size. Expect to pay $6,500 for a 3kw system, while 6kw and 9kw models are $12,000 and $17,500, respectively. Our team can help you determine the right system size for both your energy needs and your budget.

The average household usually needs a 6kW system, and it takes approximately five years to break even on that investment. After that—the energy you generate is free. The average Santa Rosa resident will save $74,107 over the first 25 years of use!

Solar panels also provide a clean energy source that doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions. You’ll be generating clean, safe energy, save money, and protect the environment in the process.

Residential and Commercial Solar Panels

Santa Rosa homeowners and businesses are increasingly relying on solar energy for power. The key is finding the right system type and size for your roof, and we can help with that. Nobody knows solar system installation better than our experienced solar installers.

Commercial solar panels are typically more substantial than their residential counterparts, and that size grants a two percent efficiency boost. The average commercial solar panel is 78 inches by 39 inches, while a residential panel is 65 inches by 39 inches. Though, depending on roof size, commercial panels may be used in a residential building.

Most commercial solar panels are also white, while residential solar panels are either white or black. Many homeowners want black panels and black backing, while the companies tend to want the inverse. The ultimate color choice is up to your discretion.

The installation process, in either case, depends on the type of solar panels you choose. Grid-tie kits require different tools and techniques than off-grid kits, which vary from traditional solar panels. Our team has experience with all types and sizes of solar systems and can help you choose the right panels for your roof.

Residential and commercial solar panel installations are our specialty but that’s not all we do. We also offer routine maintenance, repairs, and solar panel replacement.

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Work with the Top Solar Panel Installation Company in Santa Rosa

There is no shortage of high-quality solar panel companies in Santa Rosa but none of them offer the commitment to friendly service and competitive pricing that we do at Affordable Solar.

We take pride in earning our customers' loyalty on an individual basis. Our team will take the time to understand your objectives before creating a personalized solution around those needs. We don't install cookie-cutter systems. We'll tailor your solar system to your energy needs, roof type, solar exposure, and budget.

Switching to solar power in Santa Rosa, NM has never been easier. Find out why more people choose Affordable Solar for their solar installation than anywhere else. Call us at (505)-305-0278 to get started.


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