Solar Knowledge is POWER: Benefits of Going Solar in New Mexico

New Mexico has the best “solar resource” in the country! A specific solar array can produce more energy here than in any other location. This it true for a variety of reasons, including long days and a propensity towards sunny skies. Another surprising explanation is the fact that solar panels work most efficiently in temperate … Read more

Going Solar: Commercial Edition

The adoption of solar by homeowners in New Mexico has nearly tripled over the last three years, but the rate that commercial buildings are going solar has remained relatively low. PNM, the largest utility in New Mexico, interconnected 3,500 solar arrays in 2017. Only twenty-six of the solar arrays were for commercial customers, and Affordable … Read more

Recent Changes in the PRC Rules: How Will the PRC’s Decision Affect My Solar Project in New Mexico?

We have received a fair number of questions from our customers and prospects about the recent ruling by the PRC that address certain aspects of its renewable energy regulations.  The PRC voted on November 20 of this year and published an Order on that same date.  We will lay out the regulatory framework of the … Read more

Tax Advice from Solar Guys?

Every year, about this time of year, we get a lot of questions from our customers about the Tax Code as it pertains to renewable energy credits.  We also become aware in the course of dealing with those questions that there are many other installers in this market who make representations about the Tax Code … Read more