Solar Knowledge is POWER: A Solar Panel System Can Increase Home Value

Many people question whether a 25-year investment in solar energy makes sense if they might decide to sell their home within that time period. A comprehensive study completed by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) answered that query with a resounding “Yes”. The study spanned several years and included a number of states and home types. … Read more

Solar Knowledge is POWER: Maintaining Your Solar Panel System with Ease

As home improvements go, a solar panel system from Affordable Solar promises to be extremely low maintenance. Every solar system we install comes with a 5-year performance guarantee, a 10-year workmanship warranty from Affordable Solar, and 25-year equipment warranties from the component manufacturers. Additional warranty support is also provided by Affordable Solar.  In other words, … Read more

Solar Knowledge is POWER: The Effects of Shade or Indirect Sunlight on Solar Energy Production

Outdated solar systems are a lot like old style Christmas lights. Remember when one bulb burned out and the whole string went dark. In old solar systems, if one solar panel produced only 20% of its energy capacity due to shade, the whole array of panels produced the same low percentage, dramatically reducing overall solar … Read more

Solar Knowledge is POWER: Impact of Roof Design on Solar Array Installation

As a locally-owned, Albuquerque-based company, Affordable Solar excels at providing solar mounting solutions to complement the roof types commonly found in New Mexico.  Homes with flat roofs are not only popular in our area but also well-suited to solar panel installation. A ballasted racking system, produced by Albuquerque manufacturer, Unirac, is used to connect the … Read more

Solar Knowledge is POWER: Storing or Banking Solar Energy for Your Home

Energy storage is a topic of great interest throughout our electric-fuel world. Charged batteries are integral to the way we communicate, travel, and function at home and at work. Even as batteries are becoming more efficient, they remain an expensive, high-maintenance power storage solution. Fortunately, most homeowners in PNM territory do not to need to … Read more

Solar Knowledge is POWER: Your Solar System and the Utility Grid

Solar panel systems interact with utility grids in various ways. In PNM territory, the majority of Affordable Solar residential customers fall into the utility’s “Small PV” group, meaning the solar array that best fits their needs has 41 solar panels or less.  After you contract with Affordable Solar for a solar panel system, our solar … Read more

How to Finance a Residential Solar Array

Solar Financing for Homeowners The perception of solar costs being prohibitively high lingers from the early days of the industry. In actuality, solar equipment has become more efficient and less expensive in the last decade, as it has been adopted by homes, business and utilities across the globe. In addition, solar financing has become readily … Read more