Affordable Helps Deming Go Green and Save on Energy Costs


Affordable Helps Deming Go Green and Save on Energy Costs

Affordable Solar recently completed three solar system installations for the city of Deming, New Mexico. The solar installations are now delivering electricity for the City’s Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Bilbo Well and Booster Stations – all parts of the City’s water system

By utilizing a power purchase agreement (or “PPA”), the City of Deming did not have to fund the solar projects up front. Instead Deming agreed to buy 25 years of electricity from the systems at a locked-in rate. Through this arrangement, Deming expects to save about one million dollars over the life of the system – savings which should allow the city to better control water costs for it’s residents.

In addition to saving the city money, the solar projects also help Deming reach it’s environmental goals.

Affordable Solar is proud to have been a part of this successful public-private partnership. Ryan Centerwall, General Manager of Affordable Solar had this to say about the project:

Affordable Solar had the pleasure of working with the City of Deming administration and water utility staff to help the City achieve this milestone. We commend the City’s commitment to reduce utility costs for its residents.

You can read more about the project in eSolar Energy News.

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