Affordable Solar is the largest, and most experienced solar contractor in New Mexico. We have supplied systems to commercial, industrial, scientific, community and residential customers. Our business model is built on a commitment to complement every solar system with our dedication to teamwork, integrity and outstanding customer service. We are changing the world, one solar system at a time.

Customer Value

66% of consumers would be willing to spend more with a sustainable company

Employee Productivity

Employees in sustainable companies are 16% more productive and prouder of their company

Corporate Social Responsibility

Going solar is a fast and efficient way to reduce carbon footprint

Healthier Community

Improves air and water quality, protecting New Mexico’s most precious resources

Your time is money! So we make it easy to go solar

Utility bill

Send us your utility bill(s), we will analyze your use profile and develop a custom solar solution for your business.

Solar Design

Our NABCEP certified solar engineers design a solar solution to meet your company’s unique needs.

Process Management

We procure all necessary utility and jurisdictional approvals for you.


We coordinate with on-site personnel to schedule installation in a manner that provides minimal interruption to your daily operations.

Inspections and Interconnection

We coordinate inspections and interconnection processes with the appropriate officials.


We work with the utility to have your solar array commissioned, or tested and turned on.

What is C-PACE financing?

C-PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a new financing option that makes it easy and inexpensive for businesses and commercial real estate owners in the City of Albuquerque to save money by going solar.​

Pay Less

Off-balance sheet financing payment is less than your energy costs.


20-year loan terms, fixed interest rates, off-balance sheet does not affect your ability to borrow for other projects.

Property Tax Assesment

Payment through property tax makes it easy to transfer ownership without having to payoff the balance owed.

Tax Benefits

30% federal solar investment tax credit and bonus depreciation tax savings.

Environmental sustainability increases the value of your brand in the minds of customers, employees and the community.

Ready to go solar?