Hello sunshine.

(and goodbye electricity bills)

Easy to afford

Pay less for solar than your current utility bill

Easy to install.

We take care of everything!

Easy to monitor.

There’s an app for that

It’s easy to enjoy life without an electricity bill.

Get solar sooner than you think.

Going solar is simple.

You call us

We design your system

We connect you with a lender

We take care of all applications & permits

We install your solar array.

We give you an app to monitor your solar savings

It’s really that easy.
And going solar provides multiple benefits for your family:


See solar savings in as little as 8 weeks


Sun provides 100% of your energy needs


26% Federal Tax Credit & $0 out-of-pocket

Property Value

Increase your home’s worth for decades to come

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They handled all the permitting, all the tax credit paperwork and the installation was smooth and painless…we opted for a system that would supply 100% of our needs. It never fails to deliver 100% twelve months a year. I highly recommend Affordable Solar.

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10 weeks from contract start to PNM turn on. … They also did all the paperwork, including the permits, PNM contract and tax credit app. Totally turnkey. Very happy with the product and the overall experience.

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…With all of the recent advancements in technology, going solar is a no-brainer now. I recommend contacting them to get an estimate if you haven't already. At the end of the day, Affordable Solar is just that & reliable too.

5 star Yelp review

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