Solar Panel System Components You Can Trust


Solar Panel System Components You Can Trust

Affordable Solar has been installing and maintaining solar arrays for 20 years. We affectionately refer to our industry as the “solar coaster,” and the last two decades have proven the accuracy of that nickname. “Solar coaster” describes the massive growth of the industry followed by considerable consolidation. Solar panel manufacturers have consolidated from over 200 to less than 30 in the course of 3 years. Closer to home, New Mexico has gone from hosting hundreds of solar companies one year to hosting less than a hundred two years later. This phenomenon has occurred across the world as well as within the United States.

A pattern of growth and consolidation is common in industries where government subsidies or other rebates are introduced to promote industry development. In the U.S., the 30% federal tax credit for solar projects was created to help renewable energy become mainstream by making it more affordable for consumers. Other incentives such as state tax credits and renewable energy credit payments by utilities followed the federal lead. As incentives came and went on the global and national stage, companies overly reliant on those inducements grew very quickly and went out of business just as quickly.

The founders of Affordable Solar recognized early on that when you are selling a 25-year investment, it is critical to use components from companies structured to withstand the test of time and policy change. To ensure our customers a full return on their investment, Affordable Solar has strategically partnered with diversified, financially strong companies that will continue to honor their customer warranties. Every component for your solar array is vetted under that philosophy.

As a company, Affordable Solar adheres to the same philosophy. We are committed to fulfilling our customer warranties, staying strong financially, and seeking diversification Boom and bust is a challenging reality for customers adopting renewable energy, so at Affordable Solar, above all, we look for reliability in component suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with a system you can trust.

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