How Much Does Solar Cost?

Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Yes, it’s true, solar energy for your home will cost you absolutely nothing out of pocket. If you are like most New Mexicans, you already spend on average about $150 each month on your electric bill. Instead, you could skip writing that check and replace it with a lower monthly payment that covers your solar energy production. When that payment is added to any remaining electric bill (for those months that your system doesn’t produce as much as you use), you will in most cases still pay less than you would otherwise pay anyway for the same amount of energy.

Historically, most household’s energy costs increase about 5% per year. With solar from Affordable, you can lock in a payment amount for 25 years, with no money out of pocket.

Put simply, you start saving right away and you pay nothing for that ability to save.  It’s just free money. Over time, however, that hedge against future rate increases starts to add up even more because your payments can be locked in at the same amount for 25 years. Based on historically consistent rate increases, your utility bill will continue to increase by at least 5% even if your consumption of electricity remains the same.  But not if you opt for a solar system installation now.

Have A Solar System & Keep Your Money

You could write a check for the purchase of the solar system, but why would you spend that money if you didn’t have to? You might want solar energy for your home and you might want to update your kitchen counter tops at the same time. But you’re thinking you can’t possibly do both. You think you need to choose between the two home improvements or wait at least a year between each project. But you can have a gorgeous kitchen while producing your own clean electricity! You can generate solar electricity without paying anything for it out of pocket. It takes zero money for installation. Or maybe you have about $14,000 set aside but you feel that money should go into your child’s college savings fund. Go ahead and save that money for the education fund, and go with solar energy too. Or pay off other debt with the money.   You can have both! You don’t have to choose!

So update your kitchen, improve your home’s value, save for your child’s college years or put your money in an investment account. And at the same time you can tell the utility to put their rising rates where the sun does shine. You can save the world, one kilowatt-hour at a time, without spending any money.

Call us for a free solar quote – (505) 944-4220.  Better yet, just provide your basic info in this simple online form and we can do the legwork right away and contact you to discuss how much you could save.

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