Infographic – Sharing the Love


Infographic – Sharing the Love

We have officially signed on the dotted line, becoming proud participants in sustainable energy. The system design has been approved, and our project manager is handling the various steps within the permitting process. As we await the actual solar installation date, we now have a ton of time to think about how our solar system will make life a little more comfortable.

Once beginnning as green solar newbies, we’ve been able to figure out the basics and answer questions whenever friends and family ask for advice. As friends & family see us excited, they normally start peppering us with questions to gain insight into our thought process. The questions normally come in two separate groups.

Group 1 – Understanding the Basics

  • Wow, how many solar panels did you get?
  • So how does solar work, are you completely disconnected from your utility provider?
  • How do they know how big to make your solar system?

Group 2 – Understanding our Goals

  • How long until you reach breakeven on this investment?
  • Why didn’t you wait for the Tesla solar shingles?
  • Are you gonna start buying electric cars now?

So I thought about the questions we got, and the general advice we gave back. Then I found a cool website to make infographics and let pictures tell the story. Read below for a quick glimpse at reasons to help you understand some broad and nuanced reasons to convert to solar energy.

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