Is My Home Right for Solar?

At Affordable Solar we have a mission to provide clean, affordable, energy to any New Mexican who wants energy independence and whose property is suitable. We want to see solar panels on every rooftop, however, there are a few qualifications that need to exist in order for your home to become its own energy producing power plant.

Home Solar Checklist

1. What is the condition of your roof? Is it free of leaks? How old is it? Some of our customers have received roofing appraisals before pursuing solar. And some have decided to re-roof entirely prior to their solar installation. Your roof needs to be in good condition before installing solar. Having peace of mind about your roof is always a good start to your energy independence. The good news is that we now offer a program for solar at no cost out of pocket, freeing up funds for other home improvement projects including a new roof.  Visit our Sun Saver Program page to learn the details.

The good news is that we now offer a program for solar at no cost out of pocket…

2. Is your roof or some other usable part of your property free of shade? The amount of unshaded roof space is important to the overall size of your solar system. If you have limited areas of usable roof space due to shade or other obstructions, the size of your system and the amount of energy you will be able to produce may be limited.

3. How’s your credit score? Unless you’re paying cash for your system, our Sun Saver Program is a great option for obtaining energy independence. A minimum 650 FICO score is all it takes.

If you meet these minimum requirements, and you want to start saving money on electricity now, please call us today for a free quote at (505) 944-4220 or just provide your basic info in this simple online form. We can do the legwork right away and contact you to discuss how much you could save by converting to solar electricity.

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