Learning the Basics

So now we get to the point where I need to research some options. A simple Google search can set me in the right direction. But before I can research who can install solar on my home, I need to understand whatthey will be installing. Have you ever been overwhelmed with a quick web search? I typed “solar panels things to know” and I got an avalanche of information. Here is a quick  punch list I found in the search results:

  • What you need to know
  • 10 pitfalls to consider before installing soalr panels
  • 10 tips for buying your solar panel system
  • Top 6 things you didnt know about solar energy
  • 6 things to consider before getting solar panels
  • Everything you need to know about adding solar panels at home

After a scan of the results, now I had to wonder if there was a new “rule of 6” that I didnt know about! Without a doubt, the best info I found for a Solar 101 begeinner resource was located on the Energy Sage website, their post, “10 things to know about photovoltaic solar panels” was a nice way for me to learn the basics.

When I see solar systems installed around ABQ, I notice the pitched roofs, and the shine from the individual panels. However, my home doesn’t have a pitched roof, we only have a flat roof. To be honest, many homes in New Mexico are flat. Now I have to figure out if flat roofs can withstand the weight of a solar system. In quick sucession, I have learned

In a previous life, I worked as a marketing director at an upscale grocery store. Many of the customers would buy a basket full of groceries, and their groceries would be arranged like small testris blocks into branded bags with a large corporate logo for the world to see. As the customers would push grocery baskets to their car, many of these customers were so proud to be seen walking out of the store with bags stuffed full of groceries. It was a badge of honor. They were smiling, or at least smiling at drivers waiting for them to pass by.

I feel the same way when I wash my car and shine the tires. Or when I make an amazing meal and I watch someone eat the delicious goodness. Could that be me with a solar system installed on my roof? Would I beam with a Cheshire grin, knowing that our abundant sunshine was fueling my home with energy? Not with a flat roof. Sometimes its important to remember that life’s not fair.

So here we are – I’m learning about photovoltaics, energy production, and product warranties. I need to learn about investment payback, financing options, and energy monitoring. Only then can I start wiehging my options and settign a path forward. Luckily for me, the sun always rises.

The beat goes on!

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