Questions You Should Ask Prospective Solar Installers – Part 1


Questions You Should Ask Prospective Solar Installers – Part 1

Switching to solar power can improve your property’s market value and eliminate costly power bills. But if a solar installation isn’t the right quality or size for your building, you won’t experience these benefits.

To help you find solar installers who can provide a solar system that delivers such benefits, we’ve put together a list of questions. Asking these questions will reveal if an installer has the experience and competence to deliver the results you desire.

1.    How long has your company been in business?

Older companies will have more experience in installing solar systems for various types of buildings and needs. That experience equips the company to recommend solar solutions that will fit your budget and requirements.

Also, older companies have been around long enough to build a reputation for delivering quality results.

A newer company may be unable to prove their quality or competence, so choose a company with some years of experience working on solar projects like yours. It helps if the solar installer can show you a portfolio of completed projects.

2.    How long have they been installing solar panels in New Mexico?

A solar installer that works in other states may not be a good fit for your New Mexico solar panel project. That’s because each state has specific legal requirements regarding solar installations. Also, the optimal tilt angle for solar panels in southern states like New Mexico won’t be the same for solar panels in northern states.

The installer must have the necessary license and insurance policies to work in your specific New Mexico locality. Only a solar installer with experience working within the state will be aware of these requirements.

At Affordable Solar, we’ve been in the New Mexico solar industry for over two decades and have completed commercial, residential, and industrial solar installations statewide.

Part of why this is a good question is because on NM’s unique architecture. A lot of companies assume installing on flat roof homes is the same as homes with pitched roofs. Local companies are more likely to know that you should never penetrate a flat roof because it creates a risk for leaks.

3.    What other states do they operate in?

If an installer operates in states with legislation and other requirements that match New Mexico’s, they are more likely to be able to satisfy your needs. Also, larger companies that operate in multiple states have the resources to complete projects faster and offer more competitive prices.

The reason they should ask is because a lot of companies claim to be local, but really aren’t.

4.    Will you inspect my roof before the installation?

A solar installer that says there is no need for a roof inspection is a red flag. That’s because inspecting your roof is essential for verifying it’s the right size, shape, and condition for a solar installation. The installer must also assess if your roofing material is suitable and safe for solar panel installation.

At Affordable Solar, we perform thorough roof inspections and provide racking solutions to suit each customer’s unique roof type.

5.    Do they have a plan for when the tax credit expires?

The New Mexico state solar tax credit reduces the cost of a residential or commercial solar installation by 10% – or $6,000. But this incentive won’t last forever, which is why you must ask if a solar installer has payment plans for when the incentive expires.

At Affordable Solar, we currently offer $0 down loans to facilitate the purchase and installation of solar panels.

The reason this question is important is because you’ll want to make sure they’ll be around for the life of your warranties.

Affordable solar can insure they’ll be around because we’re a diverse company and don’t rely on residential sales to stay afloat.

6.    How do they handle service claims?

It’s not enough for a solar installation warranty to have competitive terms. To truly protect the interests of customers, the installer must ensure making a claim and getting assistance is straightforward. Verify such details by asking the installer about their claim process. For example, how to go about it and how long it takes.

7.    Do they lease their systems or will you own the system?

To enjoy the full cost benefits of installing a solar system, verify that the installer sells their systems instead of leasing them. At a glance, leasing a solar system may seem cheaper than purchasing one, but it will cost more if you use the system long-term. Even worse, it can devalue your property.

Affordable Solar will transfer full ownership of a solar system to you after you complete the payments. Whilst making payments, you can enjoy the clean energy from the installed solar panels and greatly reduce your power bills.

8.    Do they offer consumption monitoring?

Not every solar installer offers consumption monitoring, but it’s a useful tool for keeping an eye on how much energy your solar system generates and how much power you consume.

We provide our customers with a user-friendly mobile app for monitoring power generation and consumption, as well as solar savings. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Are you ready for a residential or commercial solar installation?

Call Affordable Solar today to ask the above questions and find out why we are the best New Mexico solar installer for all your needs.

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