Questions you should ask prospective Solar Installers – Part 2


Questions you should ask prospective Solar Installers – Part 2

Are you still having trouble finding the right installer to help you go solar in New Mexico?

Here is a follow-up to our original article on the right questions to identify the most qualified solar installers for all your project needs. Below are more questions for verifying the quality and competence of an installer:

1.    How many residential solar installations have they done in New Mexico?

A solar installer that has completed several installations has enough practice to hone their craft and service delivery. They are less likely to make mistakes during installations and have the expertise to deliver satisfying results.

At Affordable Solar, we have over 2,000 solar installations under our belt and can complete any installation perfectly on the first try.

Again, this is to ensure they know how to properly install on flat roofs

2.    How do you reinvest in the local community?

Solar installation might be a business, but installers that focus solely on profit tend to be less socially responsible. A socially irresponsible company rarely prioritizes the needs of customers.

Affordable Solar gives back to every community we work in by supporting Animal Humane Society, Roadrunner Foodbank, WESST, and more. We also create jobs by hiring locally for various roles within our organization.

We can link to the “spread the sunshine” page that highlights other things we’re doing in the community

3.    Do they offer an energy production guarantee?

A quality solar installation should generate at least enough electricity to power your entire building. But what if the solar installation fails to produce the expected amount of electricity?

If your installation comes with an energy production guarantee, getting the installer to resolve the problem should be easy. Without such a guarantee, you might have to pay extra for the repair or replacement of the solar system.

Avoid such costs by verifying that the system comes with an energy production guarantee or similar terms. We protect our customers’ interests by providing a 25-year warranty on all our installations.

If one of our systems fails to produce what we said it would, we will pay the difference in your electric bill

4.    How long have they been installing the type of panels they are offering?

New technology might have potential, but it is rarely perfect. Only use new solar technologies after manufacturers have tested extensively, and the product has a solid reputation.

Ask installers what type of panels they use and how long they have been installing them. At Affordable Solar, we install photovoltaic systems because of their proven efficiency and durability.

Having long, reliable relationships with vendors means we can get competitive prices on panels and other parts and that trickles down to the customers

5.    Do they subcontract their installations or electrical work?

Some companies outsource roof inspection, solar panel installation, electrical work, and other tasks.  Sometimes, these third-parties lack the proper qualifications and licenses, leading to a poor job.

Avoid these complications by working with a fully licensed installer that handles all aspects of the system installation in-house. Regardless of the size of a project, only our highly trained technicians work on installations from start to finish.

6.    What kind of inverters do they use and how long is the factory warranty?

The quality of an inverter determines the overall durability and efficiency of a solar system. Depending on the installer, the solar system’s inverter might be a string inverter, micro-inverter, or string inverter with optimizers.

Each has its advantage, but string inverters with power optimizers are popular because they boost power production and require fewer solar panels. They are also more durable and economical.

By finding out what type of inverter an installer uses, you will have an idea of how long the system will last. The inverter must also come with a factory warranty that protects your interests and ensures the hassle-free use of your solar system.

7.    How much does it cost to replace an inverter?

Most inverters last about 10 years, which means you must replace it at least once during the lifetime of your solar panels. That said, inverters are one of the most expensive solar system components to replace.

Plan for a replacement by asking the installer about the cost of getting one. If you have an active inverter warranty when the component fails, you might be able to get a free replacement.

8.    How are they ensuring they will be around for the life of your warranty?

Top-quality solar panels can last for up to 25 years, and installers can offer warranties that are just as long. But there are no guarantees the solar installer will still be in business in 25 years.

To ensure your warranty stays valid even if the installer no longer exists, ask what measures they are putting in place to make sure you can still make a claim.

Are you ready to hire a solar installer?

Call Affordable Solar to ask the above questions and discuss your residential or commercial solar project needs.

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