Referral Award Program Update!


Referral Award Program Update!

Have you ever wondered about a referral program for Affordable Solar? A great deal of customers send referrals our way, and its the perfect way for our strongest solar ambassadors to provide their personal experience with Affordable Solar to friends and family members. An extra perk about our referral program is that you dont have to be an Affordable Solar customer, you could simply be a solar advocate that is interested in steering people towards Affordable Solar!

In the past, we have provided a $250 check to anyone providing a referral that becomes a solar client. Now, after many wonderful referrals, we have decided to offer additional options to enhance our customer loyalty program!

We are proud to announce our new and improved Referral Award Program, which is our way of spreading love to solar enthusiasts, goodwill to our treasured community partner, and even a simple thank you for the altruistic solar ambassadors. Check out our quick infographic outlining our referral program:

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