Solar Job Growth in NM

You may have seen the recent article from the Albuquerque Journal, titled Solar job growth exploding in NM. The article showcases the Solar Jobs Census 2016, which examines data compiled by the The Solar Foundation. New Mexico is the 23rd fastest growing state for solar jobs with 2,929 jobs and 54% solar job growth in 2016. About 60% of the solar jobs are located in Albuquerque, and about 45% of New Mexico’s solar workers are women.

With all this talk about job growth and economic development in the renewable energy industry, where does Affordbale Solar fit into this growing landscape? Simply put, we are uniquely positioned for sustainable growth. Affordable Solar CEO Ryan Centerwall says “We have some large-scale projects slated to start this year, and we project about 60 percent growth in residential and commercial solar installations. We just hired a number of people, and we have 40 more positions open now.”

In February, we proudly announced our winning bid to build a 30 MW photovoltaic project for the Facebook Data Center in Los Lunas, NM. PNM awarded Affordable Solar the $37 million contract for engineering, procurement, and construction of the 30MW solar generation project. Construction on the first of three 10MW sites will begin in mid-2017.

The effort to support economic development through job creation led Affordable Solar Presiednt Kevin Bassalleck to state, “These projects will allow our company to open our doors to a new group of solar industry employees. As a result of this partnership, we’re excited to announce that in the coming months, Affordable Solar will be hiring over 40 new full-time employees, and each of the three solar projects will employ over 120 workers during the course of construction.”

As the weather warms up, job opportunities will continue to rise at Affordable Solar, and we look forward to leading the charge for economic growth in New Mexico. Our Careers Page is always the gateway to new job listings, and can be found by clicking here.

Infographic courtesy of The Solar Foundation.

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