Solar Knowledge is POWER: Benefits of Going Solar in New Mexico


Solar Knowledge is POWER: Benefits of Going Solar in New Mexico

New Mexico has the best “solar resource” in the country! A specific solar array can produce more energy here than in any other location. This it true for a variety of reasons, including long days and a propensity towards sunny skies. Another surprising explanation is the fact that solar panels work most efficiently in temperate climates. This means solar panels in New Mexico actually produce more energy than they would in Phoenix. The temperatures in Phoenix often rise to a point where the solar panels become too hot to produce effectively. 

In addition to a temperate climate and plenty of sun, one-half of the homes in New Mexico have flat roofs. Solar is a great choice for almost any New Mexican homeowner, but an advantage to those with flat roofs is that their solar panel system is often hidden from view due to a parapet design feature and can be installed with absolutely no roof penetrations that could potentially cause future problems. 

It may surprise the New Mexicans, who cringe when they open their summer electricity bills, that our energy is actually relatively inexpensive compared to energy costs in surrounding states. As a matter of fact, inexpensive energy from an extremely reliable utility sometimes keeps some homeowners from going solar as a cost saving measure. They need to be aware of some important information. First, local companies, such as Affordable Solar, pass on the low cost of doing business in New Mexico to their customers, which keeps solar panel systems reasonably priced.  Second, our wonderful local credit union partners, such as Nusenda, believe in solar and work hard to make it accessible for New Mexico homeowners. 

Nusenda’s financing programs allow homeowners, who were paying an average of $80 per month to PNM, to have a solar panel system installed with no out-of-pocket expenditure. In addition, the monthly payments on the solar loan for their home will actually be less than their previous monthly PNM bills. Once the solar loan is paid off, the homeowners have locked in their energy costs at PNM’s connection fee: $8 per month.

There is even more good news for New Mexicans who dread their summer PNM bill. PNM is a solar friendly utility, which means they allow homeowners to “bank” any extra solar energy their home produces in mild weather months and use it to offset high summer bills. For more information, see Topic 2: Storing or Banking solar energy for Your Home.

Facebook chose a New Mexico location for the company’s new data center for many reasons, with the state’s significant solar resource high on the list. Affordable Solar has built all of the solar projects for Facebook and is currently under contract to maintain them. (See more here) . If one of the biggest companies in the world is taking advantage of the solar benefits of our state, shouldn’t you be giving us a call to find out what our solar consultants can do for you?

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