Solar Knowledge is POWER: Determining Whether Solar is Right for Your Home

Is solar right for my home? Four basic criteria can help you determine the answer to that question:

First, you must own the home. Affordable Solar can only contract with a homeowner for a residential solar array, and the solar tax benefits go to the homeowner. If you rent a residence, you can encourage your landlord to contract with us for solar. You can then share in the benefits of reduced energy bills and environmental friendliness.

Second, your roof must be in good shape. We do not recommend installing solar on a roof that is expected to need replacing in the next 3-5 years. Instead, we suggest that any necessary roof repair or replacement be done prior to the solar installation. Our solar consultants can provide you with some pointers on how to determine the condition of your roof. They can also recommend reputable roofers, who will provide you with a free roof evaluation. The structure supporting your roof must also be sturdy enough to hold a solar array. Most homes are built with more than enough structural depth to handle the extra weight.

Third, your home must have access to sunshine! A roof completely shaded by trees is not a good candidate for solar. If you have one or two trees, we can usually design a solar array around them, however, significant shade will reduce your solar savings.

Fourth, the best financial return on a solar investment occurs when the pre-solar electricity bill is around $75/month or more. If your bill is less than that, solar is still an environmentally sound option but will not yield as much in the way of energy cost savings.

If your home fits these four criteria, get ready to save by reaching out to our solar consultants for a free solar estimate.

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