Solar Knowledge is POWER: Impact of Roof Design on Solar Array Installation


Solar Knowledge is POWER: Impact of Roof Design on Solar Array Installation

As a locally-owned, Albuquerque-based company, Affordable Solar excels at providing solar mounting solutions to complement the roof types commonly found in New Mexico. 

Homes with flat roofs are not only popular in our area but also well-suited to solar panel installation. A ballasted racking system, produced by Albuquerque manufacturer, Unirac, is used to connect the panels to the roof without drilling any holes. It is the same mounting solution that is used in almost all solar installations for commercial facilities across the country. The solar panels are tilted 10 degrees and face south as much as possible. On most flat-roofed homes, the racking and panels are not visible from the street due to the parapet design feature.

The three types of pitched-roof designs most commonly seen in New Mexico are tile, shingle, and metal. Even though there are variations in each of these styles, every mounting system installation is planned with a focus on sleek aesthetics and minimal visual impact. Affordable Solar uses low-profile mounting, triple black solar panels, black rail, and trim to streamline the solar array as much as possible. A solar panel system can add to your home’s aesthetic value instead of detracting from it. We make every effort to install solar arrays so they face south or east to enhance solar production. Even if this means installing a solar array on the side of a pitched-roof house facing the street, the effect will be visually appealing. Aesthetics is always high on our list of priorities!

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