Solar Knowledge is POWER: What to Expect When Purchasing a Solar Panel System


Solar Knowledge is POWER: What to Expect When Purchasing a Solar Panel System

Most Americans are familiar with the process of moving into a new home that includes contacting utility companies to set up or transfer accounts. In New Mexico, the choices have been largely limited to one utility for gas, one for water, and one for electricity. Choosing to use solar energy will expand the possibilities. Basically, going solar means shopping for energy, which can make participating in a solar transaction an exciting but, somewhat, intimidating experience.

First of all, no matter what you think you know, expect to learn more. Affordable Solar consultants are ready and willing to spend time explaining and educating. If you are shopping for energy for the first time, you will likely need lots of questions answered, terminology explained, and concepts clarified before you feel comfortable making a decision. It is our job to help you feel confident and assist you in making the right choice for you.

Second, you can expect the process to be easy. Yes, EASY! You are not purchasing an assortment of solar panels and other components, you are purchasing a turnkey solar array. Affordable Solar takes a complicated process and makes it simple and straightforward for our customers. For example, we handle all required interactions with utilities, jurisdictions, and HOAs. We use our specialized knowledge to complete the time-consuming paperwork that precedes a solar installation.

Once contracted, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager, who can be called or emailed anytime you have questions or concerns. Your project manager will also communicate regularly with you regarding the progress of your project and let you know if there is any action you need to take. Usually, it takes about a month from the time you sign a contract with us to the day when a solar array is installed on your roof.

Third, you can expect to benefit from our years of experience. After two decades in the solar business, our company knows how to do it right. We spend a significant amount of time and resources on employee training and retention programs to continually improve the solar experience for our customers. Our operations and construction crews have successfully completed thousands of solar projects and will impress you with their competence.

Finally, you can expect to feel excitement! After you make the decision to go solar, it takes some time to get everything approved and installed and producing, but the anticipation of living with clean solar energy will enhance the experience. Turning your home into a power plant, taking control of your electricity expenses, monitoring solar production from your phone, and reducing your carbon footprint are all exhilarating prospects!

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