The Triple Bottom Line for Business – People, Planet, Profit!


The Triple Bottom Line for Business – People, Planet, Profit!

Key statistics from the U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) now prove what we at Affordable Solar have known for some time: solar makes more sense than ever for your business! In the past few years, the 45% drop in costs for commercial solar installations has fueled an explosive interest in solar for businesses across the United States. Companies such as Ikea and Apple already justify solar to their shareholders as a great option for reducing operating costs, increasing property values, and lowering soft costs associated with facility repairs. These numerous financial benefits have caused banks to pay attention, as well. Financing for smaller-scale projects for private and non-profit concerns is more readily available than ever.

Isn’t it nice when one decision can save you money and help save the earth?

Solar Means Business - Affordable Solar

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