Trusted. Reliable. Local.

Trusted. Reliable. Local.

A look into how the solar industry in ABQ has evolved and what you should consider when choosing the right solar company for you.

In 700 BC there were the first sunlit fires, 1767 the first solar oven, 1954 the birth of photovoltaics, and in 1998 David Hughes, Founder of Affordable Solar, started selling solar panels out of an airstream in the South Valley. Fast forward 21 years and the industry here in Albuquerque, and Affordable Solar, are almost unrecognizable.

Back in 1998, there were only a handful of solar companies in the Albuquerque area and Affordable Solar consisted of just one employee, Hughes himself. Affordable Solar has since outgrown the Airstream trailer, employing over 100 employees in the ABQ community, and was responsible for more than 60% of the solar capacity in New Mexico in 2019.

As the price of photovoltaic power became competitive with traditional sources of electricity over the last 15 years, you might have noticed an influx of solar companies popping up around the United States and subsequently right here in Albuquerque. As one of the longest-standing, local solar companies in the area, Affordable Solar has seen many big-box solar companies move in and take advantage of our community while simultaneously soiling the reputation of solar energy.

These out-of-state solar companies and their associated sales organizations often move in, sell and install as much as they can in a limited amount of time and then close up shop, leaving their customers with no one to turn to when they run into service issues a few years down the road.

Even though Affordable Solar outgrew the Airstream and is now the largest solar company in New Mexico, they have not outgrown their passion for renewable energy and strong community. When they hear what these big box companies are doing, it makes them mad and they’re not just sitting around watching it happen.

Affordable Solar is doing what they know best in order to prevent people in their community from being taken advantage of. They’re taking the initiative to provide the best, most in-depth knowledge available to their community so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to solar. Affordable Solar is pairing education with superior solar arrays and top tier customer service to ensure that every customer they work with is left with peace of mind that they made the right decision for them.

Affordable Solar has some advice to anyone looking to make the switch to solar: slow down and be cautious. Solar arrays are big investments and deciding which company is the right fit for you takes time and research. Make sure when you’re deciding on the best solar company for your needs you talk to more than one company and don’t just choose the company that gives you the cheapest quote. Consider reviews, how long they’ve been in business in the area, and if/how they’re investing in your community. Lastly, talk to your local, trusted source for all things solar so that you know you’re getting the best information to make a decision that’s right for you.

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