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I was happily working at my computer this afternoon and I received a phone call from a former customer of Affordable Solar. His name is Bob Bradley, and the first thing he said to me when I answered the phone was “Rebecca, I’m a happy camper!”  Taken a little bit off guard by this greeting, I had to laugh.  Mr. Bradley proceeded to explain to me that he was a customer of ours over a year ago and that we had for the very first time that we were aware of, under-estimated the expected production of the system we proposed (and later installed) for him. Several weeks ago he called his sales consultant to inform him that he discovered his system was under producing what we said it would produce in its first year of service by 4%. “Well, 4% is not much to complain about, but I’m retired and I have nothing better to do than watch my meter spin backwards,” he explained.

Of course, upon hearing that our customer’s system was under-producing power, we honored our production guarantee and wrote him a check for the difference in the cost of purchased electricity. But that is not even what impressed Mr. Bradley the most. He said he was “astounded” when we contacted him again and told him we would add a panel to his system in order to get to the right amount of production level we designed it to be at. And then, another thing that astounded him was we did not drag our feet in getting that extra panel installed. He felt that it would be too much to expect us to jump to repairing his production levels because, according to him, he thought we would consider his needs to be low priority.  Instead, he was placed in our normal, efficient production queue and the panel was added within a few short weeks.

His system is now operating at 100% and as he said, he is a “happy camper”. He added that he was extremely satisfied with the sales and construction process and he had great things to say about our install crew. He said they were friendly and professional, they didn’t sit around or goof off and they always cleaned up the job site.

Mr. Bradley gave me permission to write about this conversation, use his name and share his phone number with anyone who was looking for references for a quality solar installation company. Affordable Solar could not ask for a better source of glowing publicity. When I receive his written testimonial, it will be posted on our website with other glowing testimonials. Visit our portfolio to see what other customers had to say about us.  And thanks to our service department and installers for being so considerate and passionate about what they do each day. I am proud to be a part of this company. We are professionals who are driven to bring clean and affordable energy to New Mexicans.  Call us today for a free quote. (505) 944-4220 or visit our quote page to get a free quote today!

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