Why It Works For Me


Why It Works For Me

Now that I know the basics of solar energy and solar installations, it became time to narrow down my choices for solar system installation. Although my wife agreed to make this investment for our energy needs, we were drawn to the fact that it could positively affect the value of our home. We’ve only been in our home for 6 years, and currently pay a PMI of $200. There is a pretty good chance that we’ll be able to have another home appraisal and be able to prove an 80/20 loan to value ratio, meaning we could eliminate our PMI and put $200 back in our pockets every month! Ideally, we would like to finance our solar system at a rate lower than our average PNM bill, so we could conceivably save approximately $215 per month and enjoy these solar benefits:

  • Enjoy clean solar power
  • Empower energy independence
  • Make a positive impact on the environment

We have the ability to dig into the weeds and check out specifics for each system installer based on energy production. A quick question I asked was, “Do I need a certain brand of solar panel?” Most installers use panels that are considered tier 1 or tier 2 panels. That generally means the manufacturer is reputable, has solid financial performance, offers a good warranty, and in general is a safe choice for your investment. In my case, I was willing to look at both mono-crystalline modules and poly-crystalline modules to determine which option would be a better bang for the buck. Turns out that Monos are a better deal for my situation, because the price difference was negligible and the production quality was better. Monos have a black color, and have small white diamond designs between each cell.

Most of all, I was concerned about maintenance and reliability. Racking components for my flat roof would produce zero roof penetrations, which is a huge plus for me. If I got solar on my roof, I wouldn’t ever see the soalr system, and it would be compltely out of sight from the curb. No curb appeal for my sytem, so the decision was made to make it easy to forget. As for a microinverter choice, I wanted to be able to see total energy produciton, and hopefullly do so from an app or link. Basically, the only reminder needed would be courtesy of my monthly electricity bill, which would be as close to zero as possible.

That’s when I looked most closely at Affordable Solar, we would be able to purchase a system outright or work with one a local credit untion to finance a system with predictable monthly payments and no money down. Solar customers are eligible to apply for federal tax credits for their solar power. As part of each sale, Affordable Solar designs, installs and maintains the system, allowing customers to value the benefits of affordable, renewable solar energy.

Now it’s time to fill out a “Contact Me” form and visit with a salesperson…

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